" Le monde ne mourra jamais par manque de merveilles,

mais uniquement par manque d'émerveillement. "


“The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder.”


Gilbert Keith Chesterton 

(1874 - 1936)



Hello and welcome to


Wildpeak Expedition,



As a passionate photographer, I would like to use this route to introduce myself & my works.



My name is Stéphane, I was born in France in 1978.

Very active in the field of digital photography since 2015.


As a nature lover, I use all of my time

to hike, climb, mountaineering

and admire the fauna and flora ...


 ... Because there is nothing more beautiful

than to explore our earth and nature ...



For this reason it was time to bring


to life,

to connect people, nature and Countries.


Be part of my adventure and follow me on my travels...



Best greetings